Who We Work With

At M3 Capital Management, we provide highly personalized service to widows, individuals or couples over age 50, retirees, and their families. Though our firm does not have a set minimum investable asset requirement, we have noticed that our services and strategies are best suited for those with investable assets of at least $500,000. Our clients are looking to delegate the responsibility of day-to-day portfolio and financial planning management to an advisor that not only cares about their financial success, but them as well. Our clients

  • Want sound financial advice and find value in regular updates. Our clients are looking for someone to manage their finances and report back to them on their progress regularly and consistently.

  • Appreciate transparency. Our clients want to hear about their finances on a level that they can understand. They are trustworthy people seeking reassurance and honesty surrounding their financial goals and dreams. We find that we get the most out of our relationships with clients when each party is clear and straightforward.
  • Have a desire to establish a meaningful legacy for their family. Our clients are each a part of a unique family structure, ever changing and growing. They have a desire to see their short-term financial goals met and also want to be sure that there is a strong estate and beneficiary distribution plan in place so their loved ones will have someone in their corner when they are gone.
  • Enjoy stopping in our office just to say “hello.” Our clients have been known to drop by our office to introduce their families to us. After all, we spend so much time hearing the names of the people in their lives; it is a truly wonderful thing when we are able to put each name to a face.